The Invisible Front

DIRECTOR: Vincas Sruoginis
Jonas Ohman
WRITER: Vincas Sruoginis
Jonas Ohman
PRODUCERS: Vincas Sruoginis
Mark Johnston
Jonas Ohman
GENRE: Documentary
LANGUAGE: English, Lithuanian

In 1944, Soviet forces occupied Lithuania for the second time. Tens of thousands of young Lithuanian men and women from the villages, schools and universities took to the forests and formed a guerrilla movement, the “Forest Brothers.”

In 1947 one of their most charismatic leaders, Juozas Luksa, an architecture student, broke out from the Soviet Union to seek support and to tell the tale of Lithuanians desperate resistance to the West.

The Invisible Front won Best Picture at the 2014 Lithuanian International Film Festival. It was also nominated for four SIlver Cranes (Lithuanian Oscars).